I have been a streetwear head my whole life.
As a baby living in tracksuits to school in my oversized Adidas jumpers and Doc Martens, through to the current day - rocking oversized tee’s and tracksuits literally NOTHING has changed.

I am also a glamour girl. I love makeup, hair, fresh kicks or killer boots and I want to go out looking like I have made an effort and as a performer style and image are really important.
I am not a girly girl though, never have been, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to dress up.
My style is street meets chic you could say, which I have adopted as my labels mission statement.

Streetwear has always been a boys club, quite like the DJ world I live in.

They are both slowly changing and some really cool brands are now making waves, but it’s still not there yet by any means.

I have struggled to find clothes I want to buy over the years - hence getting frustrated and deciding to make my own.

Cheap throwaway fashion is terrible for the environment, pulls apart and looks dated after a few months or washes.

I want items in my wardrobe that I swoon over.
Timeless styles of cool shit. My most worn clothing are the pieces that have been more expensive and well made; that I have invested in because I really wanted it.

It’s always better to invest in clothes you LOVE and not buy cheap stuff on impulse. We have all been guilty. Normally it’s me giving 10 bin liners full of cheap clothes to the charity shop that I have worn ONCE.

When I put the label concept together and started posting about it, I got SO many messages from guys asking if I was doing men’s, this is what was the catalyst to me deciding to also do menswear (it’s natural I would want to make womenswear so I can wear it myself) I'm a big believer in unisex designed clothing, I hate categorizing anything into male or female but sometimes sizing can throw a spanner in the works.

I love the oversized stuff, but I also want it to be flattering, not looking like I have just robbed my boyfriend's pants.

Parts of the collection are designed with just women in mind, i.e the track sets and tops (guys if you can fit into them though go for it!) while the other jackets have been designed so they look good on both men and women and sized accordingly, I have done numerous fittings to make sure the unisex styles work.
I am looking forward to expanding both sections as the label grows.
The prices of the label will always reflect the quality of the item and the time involved in crafting it, handmade in LA, within the high end streetwear market.

I believe there are a lot of girls like me out there looking for this kind of clothing, I felt if I’m looking for it, others must be too, streetwear for women that is cool, comfortable, unique and flattering that also makes you feel confident and beautiful wearing it.

The dressed up dressed down look. I want to stand out AND be comfortable!

Streetwear made for women, by a woman. Now there’s an idea.

Enough of streetwear labels half-arsed attempts to cater to women.
(Don’t worry guys I got you too, but let’s be real, you are spoilt for choice with men’s swag)

I always thought I would have a career in fashion after attending fashion design college in my teens, it was all I ever talked about when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my Auntie was a hugely successful fashion designer in Australia who was a big influence on me, but music courted me and took me down that path, however finally my two loves are colliding.

What I have looked for as a performer on stage clothes wise and from traveling the world; being inspired by different cultures and fashions, I have been able to channel that inspiration into my own label.

I am proud that I have sourced all the fabrics and made all the designs myself, working with my insanely talented pattern maker and my production house in LA to bring the concepts to life. I am a perfectionist and have tweaked each pattern and sample to a mm of its life to make sure the fits are perfect and the quality is high.

I class myself as a worldwide citizen, UK born, Australian bred, but my home for the last 5 years has been Los Angeles, so I wanted to give something back to this City of Angels. Which is why I decided to make my label right here in LA, I have also sourced all the fabrics from local LA retailers.

Luxury fabrics, with high-end zippers (RIRI the Rolls Royce of zips) from Italy.
Made with love and care to the finest details in my new home city.

Hence; Helena Legend LA is born.

I am very excited to launch my first collection, I have put my heart and soul into this and it’s literally been years in the making from concept to this day, I'm really proud of what I have created and I have already designed the next 6 collections, so there is plenty more to come!

I hope you can feel the love and passion I put into my work and love the label as much as I do.
We will be launching with pre-orders to try and suss out an idea of quantities, colors, and sizes before we start production. I know in this day people want stuff yesterday, but, please be patient while I get my new baby off the ground; This initial stage is always the hardest part for new labels!

The runs will be extremely limited to start with, so please pre-order to guarantee we make your size and color; I don’t want to disappoint anyone!
Make sure to sign up to #ClubLegend to stay informed of all the exciting things that will be dropping and make sure you browse the site and check out the full collections. Click on the look book tab for inspiration.

Thank you for coming on this exciting journey with me. I look forward to riding this new wave with you.